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Media Releases - 2012 - March - 7

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Media Releases

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White Sheets
Dear valued customer
We always email you about our beautiful new designs and what is new, however so often we get asked about our white sheets so we thought we would let you know about the different qualities we have in white.
Stirling - 1255 thread count, Made in Portugal
Dover - 700 thread count, Made in Portugal
Corded/Scroll - 490 thread count, Made in Portugal
Vienna damask - 455 thread count, Made in China
Nottinghill - 400 thread count, Made in Portugal
Sasha/ Hudson - 250 thread count, Made in Portugal
Calendered - 245 thread count, Made in China
Town & Country - 145 thread count, Made in China
These are all available in pillowcases, sheets and duvets (except Sasha/Hudson). Whether you are looking for silky smooth or a gutsy cotton that feels more like linen we have the options. The best way to know which is for you is to visit one of our stores and have a feel of the different fabrics. If you are not near a store and need a fabric sample please do phone or email and we can send you a sample for you to feel.
A wee tip ... when looking after your white sheets we recommend cold wash, line dry and a warm iron. Soaking sheets in cold water overnight is a good way to loosen the dirt before putting them through the wash. To make ironing easier do not leave them sitting in the washing machine ... hang straight away.
Kind regards
Jacqueline and team