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Media Releases - 2012 - April - 18

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Media Releases

We appreciate the support that we receive from a number of newspapers, magazines and other media. We will display the editorial that we receive below.

It's cold out there!!
Dear valued customer
As the nights get cooler we thought we would let you know about our beautiful down and feather product that will keep you warm at night.
* Pure goosedown duvet inners ... these are light and fluffy and will keep you warm in the coldest climates
* 80% goosedown, 20% feather duvet inners ... these are perfect for 90% of the year in the warmer climates
* Pure goosedown summer weight duvet inners ... these fine duvets are great if you feel the heat or live in a hot climate
* Pure goosedown shake ... this goes under your fitted sheet, it is like sleeping on a cloud
We also have stunning pillows to help you get a good nights sleep...
* 30% goosedown, 70% feather a soft pillow
* 80% goosedown, 20% feather a medium pillow
* pure goosedown a firm pillow
* lodge pillow (80% goosedown, 20% feather) ... two of these go across a king/super king bed.
A wee reminder ... we suggest that you put your down and feather product out in the sun to air them when you change your bed. This will get rid of any excess moisture and fluff them back up again.
Kind regards
Jacqueline and team