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Thread Count

When purchasing your beautiful linen there are a number of important features as well as thread count to be taken into account, these include the type of cotton, the yarn (thickness of the cotton), the hand or feel of the fabric, and the nature of the finishing.

Thread count is the measure of how many threads there are in the warp (horizontal) and the weft (vertical) that are woven into 10 sq cm of fabric.

A thread count of 200 or higher is considered a percale. The finer the yarn the more that can be woven into the 10cmsq and therefore the finer, softer and more flexible the fabric is. Egyptian cotton is considered the best in the world. When the pod of cotton is woven out it has a long staple thread cotton therefore there are less joins.

Product Per 10 sq cm
Stirling 1255
Dover 700
Egyptian Corded 490
Vienna Damask 455
Nottinghill 400
Ticking Stripe 280
Russell, Madison, Grace & Oscar 280
Calendered 245
Boston Floral 245
Town & Country 145
Product Weight
Marcella - Winston, Imelda, Vitoria & Jasmina, Premium Waffle 340gm2