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More About Our Brands


Iconic luxury

Pan Cottage is the classic range encompassing top quality bed linen

Pan Cottage was the first brand in the range.  It was developed when we were still a cottage industry working from a home base in Pakuranga, Auckland. It began as a brand selling toaster covers, oven mitts and accessories before growing to a highly respected brand that sold the finest linen through the high end department stores throughout New Zealand. Now exclusively sold through HouseHold Linens stores.


Accessible Quality

HouseHold Linens is an accessible quality brand. Changing with the seasons this range is fun and exciting

HouseHold Linens began as an outlet to sell end of lines from the Pan Cottage range and any off cuts from the work room.  It soon became a well recognised brand and this was when it was decided to become a retailer and use the HouseHold Linens name as the brand. It was at this stage that we withdrew from wholesaling and became a true retailer.

Great Accessories

A.N.D offers down/feather product and all the beautiful accessories to go with your beautiful bed linen.

The A.N.D brand was developed when we started making all our own down and feather product and the accessories that went with all the bed linen that we sell through our stores. It was all the add-ons.