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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oxford?

An oxford is a standard pillowcase with a 5cm flange/sham/oxford

What is a lodge pillow?

This is a larger than normal pillow (55 x 83cm) two lodge pillows fit across a king or super king bed. King pillows that you can purchase in America are a different size to ours they are 50 x 90cm

What is a shake?

This goes underneath the fitted sheet. It is 100% goosedown and gives a soft and luxurious layer to sleep on

What is a wrap?

This goes around the base of the bed (like a valance/skirt) there are no frills, pleats or tucks it just wraps around the base of the bed. The depth of the wrap is 34cm

What is a cap?

A cap is a cotton blanket we have two sizes a king single (200 x 240) which will fit a single or king single bed and a large (244 x 264) that will fit a double, queen, king or super king depending on the depth of your mattress

How deep are your fitted sheets?

The fitted sheets are all 40cm deep. Most are elasticated all the way round, while some are only elasticated on two sides

Are bed sizes the same around the world?

Bed sizes vary from country to country. The King in New Zealand is a different size to a king in Australia. The king in Australia is the same size as a New Zealand super king.

Where do you get your product from?

We import our product from China, India and Portugal

Do I need to wash my sheets before I use them?

Yes you will need to cold wash and line dry your sheets before you use them

How many sets of sheets should I have?

You need a minimum of two sets of sheets, this gives each set time to breathe between uses.

How do I keep my sheets white?

Before washing your sheets soak them in cold water … this loosens the dirt before washing. If you can it is good to soak overnight. Washing sheets separately will also help them stay white.

Does the higher thread count mean my sheets will last longer?

Longevity of your bed linen depends on a number of things … how many sets of sheets you have, how often you wash them, how you care for you’re your linen, how many people sleep in the bed, what products you use on your body, how often you wash your body.

Why do my towels not dry me … they just slide off?

We recommend that you do not use fabric softner and use a little bit less detergent.

Why does the band on my towels shrink?

A high heat in either the washing machine or drier will cause this. We recommend cold wash and line dry and finish on a medium heat in the drier to fluff them up.