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Caring For Your Product

We recommend cold wash, line dry and warm iron with all your linen.  When washing whites soak the sheets in cold water first ... this will loosen the dirt before washing.

Wash your sheets and towels separately.  Also wash colours separately.
It is a good idea to have a number of sets of sheets so that you can rotate them and allow them to breathe between each use.
We recommend line dry.  If you need to put your sheets or towels in the drier please
dry them to 80% and take them straight out and fold them.
Caring for your down and feather ... when changing your bed each week put your duvet and pillows out in the sun ... this will get rid of any moisture around the down and feather. If you are unable to put them out in the sun due to climate then you can put them in the drier for 10 minutes.  You will find that you get a great nights sleep once you have aired your duvet and pillows.